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Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what to say when your mind talks to you, and what to say when you talk to your mind.  You have a lot of things to discuss with your mind, and Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what you should be talking about.

You don't need to spend years searching for empowering ideas that make it possible to live your dreams.  It's already right here in a self-talk format.

The Law of Positive Self-Talk states:  "You can change who you are by changing what you say when you talk to your mind."

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking shows you how to use positive self-talk to create a new life.  When you repeat positive self-talk, you become a different person.  You literally change who you are by changing what you say when you talk to your mind.

If you don't like what you hear when your mind talks to you, you can use positive self-talk to change the message and push your inner voice in a positive direction.  You can make your life as positive as you want.

What you say to your mind is your roadmap to the future.  Each word takes you to a specific destination.  Make sure your self-talk is positive so it takes you where you want to go.

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is engineered so that you can easily put it into your mind.  Each positive self-talk is short, to the point, and easily memorized so it can be indelibly imprinted in your memory banks and quickly have maximum impact.

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking has another benefit not found in other books.  It contains more than 100 Power Graphics that speak the language of the mind.  The Power Graphics go directly into your photographic memory.  Positive self-talk puts good things in your mind one way, and Power Graphics do it in another.  Together they offer a double dose of positive thinking that pushes your inner voice in a positive direction.

If you want to become a positive person, the self-talk and Power Graphics found in Maximum Strength Positive Thinking can make it happen.  Give yourself a double dose of positive thinking today.

If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.

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The most powerful force in the universe is God's love.  The most positive force in the universe is God's love.  The most important fact in the universe is that God loves and accepts you the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way.

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking has a special section of positive self-talk that focuses on God's love as an instrument of change. Click on Positive Spirituality to push your mind in the direction of God's love.

Your mind is the door through which the power of God's love gets into your life.  When God's love enters your heart and mind, it makes you into a new person.  Old things pass away, and all things become new.

God gave you a mind, and He expects you to fill it with good things.  When your mind is full of thoughts consistent with his love, your mind is exactly the way He meant for it to be.  When your heart is full of emotions that are consistent with his love, your heart is exactly the way God meant for it to be.

The positive self-talk found in Positive Spirituality can do more than just change the way you think.  It can make you into a new person.

You can download or subscribe to Positive Self-Talk Podcasts by clicking on this button.  You can also download or subscribe to free Maximum Strength Positive Thinking Podcasts from ITunes by visiting the ITunes store.

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You can stop my truck, but you can't stop me.

I am an Unstoppable, Consistently Positive, Endlessly Persistent, Doer of Dreams.

Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking Owner's Manual for Your Mind
Real Power: Maxing Out on God's Love Positive Christian Self-Talk
Positive Self-Talk Red Book Positive Self-Talk Purple Book

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking Cover

How to Be Great
How to Make a Life
Change Who You Are
Positive Operating System
Resourceful Beliefs
Unlimited Potential for Excellence
Who You Are
What You Think About Expands
Practice Being Great
What I Think About Matters
Think on These Things
Consistently Control Your Mind
When Will I Get Better
Positive Expectations
POS Version I - Operating System for my Mind
I Turn Bad Things into Better Things
Opportunity Is a Shy Visitor
I Am Potential Unlimited
There Is No Limit to How Good My Life Can Become
Say Yes to Life
I Can Still Make My Dreams Come True
Freedom Is Only a Thought Away
Exceptional Beliefs
The Meaning of Life
Every Destination Starts as a Thought
A New Beginning Creates a New Ending
I Change My Mind in an Instant of Time
The Power of Positive Focus
Ready for Change
I Am Willing to Do Whatever It Takes
Change First Happens in My Mind
How Change Happens
Endless Persistence
Do It Now
Semper Fidelis
No Reason to Wait
The Call to Action
Positive Action and Negative Thoughts
Failure Is Never Final
Pulling the Weeds and Planting the Seeds
I Build My Future Thought by Thought
Change Who You Are

Be Excellent

Limiting Beliefs Are a Choice
Barriers or Hurdles
Make Your Limitations Disappear
Get a Fresh Start - Clean Your Mind
Toxic Waste Management
Fly Like an Eagle
Positive Focus
Repetition Hijacks My Mind
The Gift That Never Stops Giving
Put a Positive Spin on Your Life
Positive Thinking Is Not Enough
Calm the Storm of Thoughts
Feed Your Mind Three Meals a Day
Write Your Way to a Positive Mind
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Listen to the Sound of My Dreams
Superheroes of the Mind
Association and Dissociation
Power or Paralysis
Statement of Purpose
Written Plan
Escape Limited Thinking
The Direction of Motivation
Count Your Blessings
The Recipe for Achievement
A Blessing That Lasts Three Lifetimes
Keep Your Goals in Perspective
Keep Money in Perspective
Handle With Care
The Positive Mind Pump
Negative Black Hole
Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking
Negative Thinking Is a Warning
Conflict Brings Negative Thoughts into My Life
Give Up Your Need to Be Right
Negative Thoughts Are a Stop Sign
Never Argue With Negative Thoughts
What Do I Find When I Squeeze My Mind?
Miracles Happen
Cockroaches of the Mind
Guilt - Hazardous Substance - Handle With Care
Time Travel
Live As If You Are a Positive Person
Live As If You Are a Loving Person
Live As If You Are a Forgiving Person
Live As If You Are a Thankful Person
Live As If You Are a Tolerant Person
Never Quit Working on Your Dreams
Keeping Adversity in Perspective
Surviving the Storm
Fearosaurus Rex


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When Dr. Dave isn't working as a flying Doctor for the Indian Health Service, he is sailing around the world on his sailboat.  Find out what it's like to sail on the ocean of your dreams by watching Dr. Dave's DVD - The Red Sea Chronicles.  Put some positive adventure into your mind and push your life in a positive direction.

Captain Dave and his family spent eleven years sailing around the world on their Privilege 39 catamaran, Exit Only. During the trip, the crew of Exit Only shot 200 hours of video with professional cameras to show people what it's like to sail on a small boat around the world.

The Red Sea Chronicles is a one hour and twenty-two minute feature film showing their adventures as Exit Only sails through Pirate Alley in the Gulf of Aden and up the Red Sea.  The professional footage documents their experiences in Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, and the Suez Canal.  It chronicles the rigors of traveling in a remote section of the world rarely visited by cruisers.  Exit Only dodges Yemeni pirates, fights a gale and sand storms in the Bab al Mandeb at the southern entrance to the Red Sea.  The crew explores deserted islands on the western shores of the Red Sea, and learns to check the cruising guides for land mines before venturing ashore.

The Red Sea Chronicles also has outstanding Special Features that include an Instructional Video on Storm Management that tells sailors how to deal with storms at sea.

And don't forget the two Music Videos: "The Red Sea Blues", and "Captain - Save Our Souls".

The Red Sea Chronicles is a first class adventure that stokes the sailing dreams of both experienced and wannabe sailors alike.  Order your copy of the Red Sea Chronicles and experience the adventures of Exit Only as they sail around the world and up the Red Sea.



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