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Affirmations give me the power to change what is in my heart.  Affirmations do more than change the way I think; they also change the way I feel.

Changing the way I think is relatively easy.  Itís merely an exercise in logic.  My rational mind is always open to the power of reason.  It easily swallows watermelon size chunks of truth as long as itís logical.  I usually need to say an affirmation only once for my rational mind to buy into it.  If the affirmation is logical, my mind accepts it and files it away without argument.

My emotional mind isnít so easily convinced.  Itís hard to change the way I feel.  I may need to repeat an affirmation fifty times before my emotional mind accepts it.  Itís an eternal skeptic and must be shown the truth many times before it will believe.  That is why affirmations are so valuable.  I can repeat them until I overwhelm the inner skeptic and change the way I feel.

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If you want to influence your emotional mind, don't argue with it.  Instead, overwhelm it with positive affirmations.  The inner skeptic is massively susceptible to the power of positive affirmations.

When reason tells you one thing and emotions tell you another, your emotions hold sway in the short term.  It's not that the power of reason is weak.  Rather, it's that the power of emotion is so strong.  When the two are in conflict, emotion emerges the winner because it overpowers the rational mind.

The inner emotional skeptic isn't interested in logic; it's more susceptible to the power of repetition than it is to the power of reason.  If you repeat anything enough times, the inner skeptic slowly has a change of heart, and it changes the way you feel.

Affirmations aren't aimed at your rational mind.  Instead, they take aim on you emotional mind to push it in a positive direction.  They transform your life by putting good things into your heart.  Repeating affirmations increases their power, and the more times you repeat them, the sooner you feel better.

Affirmations are especially effective in the hearts of people who have a personal relationship with God based on love.  God's love is the most powerful force in the universe, and when his love floods your heart and mind, it heals your damaged emotions.

Affirmations help you focus on God's love and practice his healing presence.



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