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Excellence is the path that takes me to my dreams, unless I stop at a roadblock called perfection.  I must embrace excellence and flee perfection.  Excellence pays rich dividends and is always within my grasp.  Perfection is an unreasonable taskmaster who is impossible to satisfy.  The wages of perfection are eternal frustration; no matter what I do, or how hard I try, itís never good enough.

Perfection is a silver-tongued adversary pretending to be my friend while it steals my joy.  If I wait around for everything to be perfect, I will miss out on all the good things of life.  Life can be excellent, but perfection is impossible.  The formula for misery is to expect perfection in myself, my friends, my parents, my children, my spouse, my house, my car, my boat, and my job.  Perfection doesnít exist in any of these areas.  Perfection isnít necessary, and itís a luxury I canít afford.

I donít worship at the altar of perfection as it only brings misery and disappointment.  I donít need to be perfect, and neither does my life.  God loves and accepts me the way I am.  God never demands perfection.  If itís good enough for God, itís good enough for me.

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Perfection is a master of disguises and infiltrates every area of life.  It's a silver-tongued adversary that pretends to be your friend while it fills your life with misery.

If you buy what perfection is selling, you will miss out on the good things of life.  Life can be excellent, but perfection is impossible.  The formula for a miserable life is to expect perfection in yourself, your friends, you parents, your children, you spouse, your business associates, your house, your car, your boat, and your job.  Perfection doesn't exist in any of these areas.

If you are hooked on perfection, you need to have a talk with God.  In all recorded history, the only perfection I know about is God.  Hopefully, after your chat with the Creator of the universe, you will give up your need for perfection and switch your focus to excellence and love.

Perfection isn't necessary; it's a luxury you can't afford.  You don't have to be perfect and live without making a mistake for three days in a row to be worthy of God's love.  You can be as poor as a church mouse and walk around in rags, and God will love you just the same.  God loves and accepts everyone the way they are.  No exceptions.

If it's good enough for God, it should be good enough for you.



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