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My five senses are eternal skeptics with both feet firmly planted in the physical world.  My senses imprison me.  The five senses that insure my safe passage through the physical world blind me to the reality of the spiritual one.  There is a time to listen to my senses, and a time to come to my senses.

I must listen to what my spirit has to say.  The voice of my spirit knows who I am.  It knows that I am a spiritual being living in a physical body.  I face the challenge of living in the spirit without denying my body, and living in my body without denying my spiritual nature.  If I satisfy the cravings of my spirit, I find meaning and fulfillment.  If I satisfy only the cravings of my body, I become a prisoner of the physical world.  My spirit is the only part of me that will endure.  What my spirit becomes on its passage through time is what I will take with me into eternity.  I will not ignore my spirit, because it’s who I really am.

My connection with God is through my spirit.  That’s why Jesus said, “God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”  

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You are created in the image of God, and you bear his likeness.  The only part of you that resembles God is the spirit that He placed inside you.

Jesus said that "God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."  Your relationship with God is spirit to Spirit.

Life has nothing to do with the accumulation of things.  There is no eternal scorecard that reflects how many dollars, houses, cars, and yachts you accumulate on your passage through time.  Your spirit is the only part of you that endures.  What your spirit becomes on its passage through time is what you take with you into eternity.

Your spirit is the most important part of who and what you are.  If you ignore your spirit, your life will become a museum of meaningless experiences and acquisitions that blow away in the winds of time.  If you live in the spirit, you find  meaning and joy in spite of all the challenges that come your way.

Don't ignore your spirit because it's who you truly are.



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