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The terrible truth about Godís love is that there is nothing I can do to earn it.  This is hard to accept, because I live in a performance-oriented society that tells me I have to pay the price for the good things of life.  Everything worth having must be earned.  Everything, except Godís love.

One of the traps of performance-oriented spirituality is attempting to be worthy of Godís love.  I may accept the fact that I cannot earn it, after all, itís freely given.  Therefore, I will not try.  However, I will do everything possible to be worthy of it.  Itís the least I can do under the circumstances.  This is wrong, wrong, wrong.  This is a disguised form of trying to earn Godís love by going through the back door of being worthy.

There is nothing I can do to earn Godís love or make Him love me more.  God already loves me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, and it doesnít get any better than that.  My job is to open my heart and mind to the power of his love and to pass it on to other people.  Itís that simple.  For as long as I live, I must max out on Godís love.

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1.  You dare to call God your Father.

2.  You have a personal relationship with God based on love.  That means you fall in love with God.

3.  You send your love back to God through loving other people.  God's arms of love become your arms.  God's heart of love becomes your heart.  God's voice of love becomes your voice.  You fall in love with other people.

4.  You practice God's presence every day, all day long.

5.  You give up the need to be right and switch the focus of your life to love.

6.  You move in the direction of the dream that God has placed in your heart.  You act as if that dream is possible and work each day to make it happen.

7.  You use prayer to do a reality check and to align yourself with God's dream for your life.  You trust God's dream because it's good for you and perfect for the type of person who you are.

8.  You open your heart and mind to the power of God's love.  His love washes the toxic waste out of your mind, and heals your damaged emotions.

9.  You live congruently as a whole person with your intellect, emotions, and will all heading in the same direction.  You become an Unstoppable, Consistently Positive, Endlessly Persistent, Doer of Dreams.

10. You spend the rest of your life focusing on God's love and putting good things into your mind.

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