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The coin of love has two sides.  On one side, God sends his love to me.  On the other side, I send my love back to him through loving other people.  Godís plan of love is simple.  What goes around comes around.   The only way for my love to get back to God is by passing it through the hearts of other people.  The love I send to others comes multiplied back to me.

God works in his world through the power of love, but He uses me to spread it around.  Godís arms of love are my arms.  Godís voice of love is my voice.  Godís heart of love is my heart.  God gives me as much love as I am willing to pass on to others.  When I send Godís love to everyone, I become immersed in his ocean of love.

When I send Godís love to just one person, God gives me enough love for just one.  When I send Godís love to ten people, God fills my cup with enough for all ten.  When I send Godís love to a thousand, a tidal wave sweeps over me, and I swim in his ocean of love.  No one should ever die loveless when God has an ocean of love.  What goes around comes around.  There is no limit to how good my life can become when I send Godís love to everyone.

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God's master plan of love is elegantly simple.  God will give you as much love as you are willing to pass on to other people.  The love you send to others comes multiplied back to you.  The more love you send, the better your life becomes.  In fact, there is no limit to how good your life can become when you send God's love to everyone.

Although God loves the world with an everlasting love, He needs you to spread his love around.  You are an indispensable part of his master plan, and God is counting on you to do your part.

Believe it or not, God needs you to accomplish his plan and purpose in the world.  God's arms of love are your arms.  God's heart of love is your heart.  God's ears of love are your ears.  God's voice of love is your voice.

God's love flows through an unseen pipeline.  The flow goes from God to you, and then from you to other  people.  You control the flow by how much love you send to other people.

God's love works best when you pass it around.  It's after you pass it on that its power really kicks in.  The more love you pass on, the more that comes your way.  The less you send to others, the less that flows to you.  People don't realize that when they send only a trickle of love to others, only a trickle comes back to them from God.  What goes around, comes around.



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