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Faith is an attitude that makes it possible to live my dreams.  Faith isnít something I must have before I move in the direction of my dreams.  Instead, itís something that develops after I start moving.

When I start out, I donít see how my dreams are possible.  But the moment I take my first step, faith instantly comes into my life.  Faith is a way of life, and only happens when I move in a positive direction.

I canít sit in my easy chair and expect faith to suddenly pop into my mind.  I have to start moving in a positive direction before it happens.  Most people get this backwards.  They donít move until they feel like they have enough faith.  Consequently, they never go anywhere and their dreams never come true.

I have a practical method for increasing my faith.  I act as if my dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen.  I act as if I cannot fail as I move in the direction of my dreams.  When I donít worry if I have enough faith, my faith does just fine.

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Several of Jesus' disciples were fishermen, and occasionally Jesus used their boats to travel to his next destination.  One evening they were crossing the Sea of Galilee with Jesus asleep in the stern of the boat.  While they were underway, a fierce squall arose, and the wind and waves threatened to overwhelm their boat.  They were taking on water as each new wave washed over them, and it was only a matter of time before they would sink if the situation didn't rapidly improve.  This was a true emergency; these fishermen were not over-reacting when they thought they might die during this storm.  Everyone who has been in a storm at sea knows exactly how they felt.

Jesus slept through the storm until the fishermen woke him up and said, "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?"  Jesus rebuked the wind and waves, and the storm immediately subsided.  Then Jesus said to his comrades, "Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?"

Why wasn't Jesus afraid?  Jesus knew that he didn't come into this world to drown in the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus was following God's plan, and death by drowning definitely wasn't in the plan.  Jesus had such close fellowship with God that he knew God's plan by heart from start to finish.  Jesus knew he had nothing to fear from a storm at sea.

The disciples didn't know that God wouldn't allow them to perish in the storm.  They didn't understand God's plan, and their hearts were full of fear.  The same thing often happens with us.

Without a close personal relationship with God, we don't understand his plan, and our hearts are full of fear.  When our fellowship with God becomes up close and personal, for the first time we understand his plan, and we put our faith in it.  We know that if we follow his plan, nothing can happen to us until the plan has run its full course.  Once we have faith in his plan, we no longer have any reason to fear.

Jesus made it clear that fear has no place in the heart of a child of God.  When you have a personal relationship with God and follow God's plan, you have nothing to fear.

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