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I have decided to live as if I am a positive person.  I will practice being positive each day of my life.

To become a positive person, I must do the things that positive people do.  I have to do it before I can feel it.  When I act as if I am a positive person, itís not long before I become one.

When negativity enters my mind, I practice thinking positive thoughts.  When problems knock on the door of my life, I practice positive solutions.  When mountains of difficulty loom on the horizon, I strap on my positive climbing gear.  When I stumble and fall, I get back up and continue moving in a positive direction.

Living as if I am a positive person is the only way I will ever become one.  I must practice being positive until it actually happens.

Practice doesnít make me perfect, but it does make me more positive.  I will live as if I am a positive person.  I will practice being positive each day of my life.

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A Positive Operating System is enabling; it empowers you to say yes to life.  The first time you say yes, a small positive change happens.  The next time you say yes, the positive change is slightly larger.

Saying yes to life has an effect that is more than cumulative.  Each yes pushes you further up the exponential curve of positive change.  Each yes has a greater impact on your life than the last.  Most people say yes to life so infrequently that positive change never has a chance to compound and work its magic.  This is unfortunate because the best things in life happen when you ride the exponential curve of positive change all the way to the top.

Most people don't understand the mathematics of personal change.  When you say yes to life, your positive beliefs carry you up the exponential curve of change.  Saying no to life and running a negative operating system is like dividing by zero.  When you divide anything by zero, the answer is always zero.  That is exactly what a negative operating system does for you.  It divides your life by zero, and the result is zero.  You go nowhere; you are stuck where you are.

A Positive Operating System feels good.  It keeps you optimistic.  When you run a Positive Operating System, you look for the good and find it.  Good finders enjoy their lives more than negative people.  Good finders live a self-fulfilling prophecy that brings good things into their life.  They look for and discover all of the good qualities in their spouse. They look at their teenagers, and they see the positive potential among all of the negative turmoil.  They look at their job, and they see opportunities for growth and advancement.  They look at themselves, and they know that they are riding the exponential curve of positive change into an exciting future.

People who look for the good end up feeling good because they focus on the good things in their life.  A Positive Operating System makes every aspect of your life better.  In fact, there is no limit to how good your life can become when a Positive Operating System controls your mind.

Erik Weihenmayer's physical disability is blindness, but he still climbed Mount Everest with the help of his friends.  He also climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.  Eric is the first blind person to climb the highest mountains on the seven continents.  He wouldn't have been able to climb the seven summits if he had a negative operating system running in his mind.  It would have stopped him in his tracks.

Positive beliefs are the only beliefs that take you to your dreams.  Negative beliefs take you to your nightmares, and running a negative operating system guarantees that you will torpedo your own future.  It's a doomsday device that destroys your life.  Soon or later, your dreams will be blown to smithereens if a negative operating system is in control.

Eliminating the negative doesn't make you into a positive person.  You must go all the way and fill your mind with positive things.  Although it's possible to minimize the harmful effects of a negative operating system, damage control isn't enough.  What you really need is a Positive Operating System to be up and running all the time.  You don't just need a mental makeover.  You need a whole new way of thinking and feeling, a new way of looking at yourself and your world.

You need to consistently and persistently focus on positive things in order to install a Positive Operating System.  You can make your life as positive as you want if you relentlessly put positive things into your mind.

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